>>> Alaska = IS = A Terrorist State And Has Been Militarily Classified As Such .!.   >>> America = IS = A Nation Harboring Terrorists And Has Been Militarily Considered Such .!.   >>> Thus, America = IS = A Direct Threat To Global Security And Has Been Militarily Designated As Such .!.   >>> ** The Door Is Now Open To: Military Action Against America & The Armed Forces Occupation Of The State Of Alaska By Foreign Armies That Will Secure The State = Expelling The Terrorists & Their Trash From This Land ** More Information Available .!. Here .!. **

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Calling Out .!. POTUS, Congress & U.S. Military Forces; as a foreign army in Syria illegally, against The Marshal's orders & the wishes of the legitimate Syrian government, your presence in Syria is a continuous provocation for which you have no proper right of self defense against Syrian Regime or Russian Military Forces [at their behest] that come to secure territories which rightfully belong to them .!. We certainly know you cannot quit your post until you are properly relieved & you have done a part of the job expelling ISIS & securing your post until then .!. We thank you for that .!. However, then has become now & you are being/will be properly relieved from all posts by said Russian Military &/or Syrian Regime Forces .!. Please complete the transfer of all oil fields & territories in your possession back to Syria in accordance with Russian Military & Regime Forces instructions .!. Withdraw all U.S. Forces, weapons & equipment completely .!. Dissolve all ties with any & all Insurgent & Proxy Forces & relieve them of all weapons & equipment you have distributed to them .!. Please do this willingly, respectfully & responsibly .!. Please don't make the use of lethal force a necessity .!. Sincerely, The Marshal

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